Self-help group for those considering or undergoing gender reassignment

Signposting and personalised support for:

Medical and Treatmment issues

Emotional and family Concerns

'Passing Problems

Legal matters

We welcome you to the new AvonTransPeople group

Completely inclusive inclusive for all gender presentations and those trying to understand gender today and need someone to talk to.

We are an enlarged version of Avon Transwomen.

We do not organise group meetings as there are plenty of excellent groups around the region listed by:

Bristol Crossroads What's on in the South West this month

Contact: enquiries *** “at-sign” *** avontranspeople *** dot *** org *** dot *** uk (Apologies for the format of the email address; this is designed to confuse spam machines)


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Anthea's Trans resources -(previously on CD)

A comparison of Endocrine treatment for MtoF Transsexuals and Prostate Cancer

Transgender: Stop Press Info.

Updated 29th June 2014